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Welcome to Lalos Clock-inn Hotel.
The Lalos Clock-In is the most desirable and spectacular outdoor venue in Udawalawa,Sri Lanka, featured with exceptional Restaurant and Room Services. The Lalos Clock-In Hotel located few miles away from Udawalawa National Park & Udawalawa dam. You can experience adventurous and unforgettable, safari rides while having our high comfort, friendly and professional services. We look forward to having you as our guest.

Lalo's Clock Inn


Our restaurant supply high standards delicious, International & traditional foods, serving fresh and produce daily, for all day dining.

Lalo's Clock Inn


The hotel offers large, bright and stylishly decorated air-conditioned & Non Air-conditioned rooms as your desire

Lalo's Clock Inn


Safari to Udawalawe National Park by reliable, comfortable jeep and experience and feel a adventurous journey.


places to visit

Lalo's Clock Inn Udawalawe National Park

The beautiful Udawalawa National park liseacros the rathnapura district in sabaragamuwa province and the Monaragala District in Uva province covering an extent of 30821 hectares. The udawalawa National park is an important eco-system which maintains bio-diversity in the dry zone.

Lalo's Clock Inn Madunagala Hot Springs

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Lalo's Clock Inn udawalawe tank

Udawalwa tank was constructed in the mid 1960s by damming the walawe Ganga river to develop the irrigation capacity in a target zone. At full supply level,the tank covers an area of about 3400 ha.

Lalo's Clock Inn Wawulpana

Wawulpana is a amazing creation of nature with bio-diversity cave is 135m in length and has two parallel doors. In addition to the main cave,12 others can be found here. It is the oldest such cave on the island and the millions of baths that have set up home here is an awe-inspiring singt.

Lalo's Clock Inn Ath Athuru Sewana

The Elephant Transit home Ath athuru sevena,which was setup in 1995 by department of wildlife conservation to look after the abandoned baby elephants till they are able to care of them selves. At here it’ll be easy look elephant day today activities and to have a great fun.

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